Frequently Asked Questions

Play Concept

Q. Why does your place look so different from other indoor playgrounds in Singapore?

A. We don’t have slides, ball pits or climbing structures. We aim to provide families a unique play experience by combining our love for wooden toys and comfortable spaces. What we have are high quality toys that encourage exploration, imagination and thinking. It is equally important to us that parents and guardians have a relaxing time. Hence, we implemented an open floor plan with plenty of adult-friendly seating. This maximises visibility and comfort whether you choose to sit back and observe, or actively participate in play.

Q. I love your toys! Do you sell them?

A. We are focused on providing indoor play for toddlers and school-aged children. We are not selling toys at the moment, but we’re happy to share information if you’re looking to buy them outside.

Q. What’s the difference between the Toddler Play Space and Main Play Space?

A. Our Main Play Space embodies our play concept to the fullest with a balance of Structured Play and Open-Ended Play. It has well-defined sections such as developmental toys, family games, brain teasers, miniature play, doll play and food play. On the other hand, the Toddler Play Space is a scaled-down version with age-appropriate toys in a safe, baby-proofed environment. The smaller space also allows parents full visibility of the little ones while they roam around and explore.

Q. Your toys are well-organised and arranged neatly. What if my child mixes them up and makes a mess?

A. Children can play with all toys within their reach on tables, counters and open shelves. We believe in letting them explore freely. Mix ups and toys on the floor are part of this process. Don’t worry as we always have someone dedicated to look after the play space. Our attentive team members are trained to ensure toys go back to where they belong. While this could be a challenge on crowded days, we do our best to maintain an environment that is conducive for play.

Q. We enjoyed a particular toy on a previous visit. Why can’t I find it anymore?

A. To keep things fresh, we rotate selected themes and toys on a monthly basis. This allows you to enjoy something new on your next visit. Let us know your favourites so we can keep them in mind when we plan our next toy rotation.

Q. I see a lot of interesting toys inside glass door shelves. Can we take them out for playing?

A. For your child’s safety, kindly refrain from taking out toys kept inside glass door shelves. These toys are rotated out of play and meant for display on the current month. As such, they may not have been sanitised recently and need to be re-sanitised again when they are rotated back into play. In addition, accessing high glass door shelves may increase the risk of head bumps due to falling toys.


Q. What is the difference between off-peak and peak?

A. Off-peak refers to weekdays except public holidays. Peak days include weekends and public holidays. Effective July 2019, eve of public holidays as well as special school holidays (e.g. Youth Day, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day) are also considered peak days. Playtime is unlimited with multiple re-entry on off-peak days. On peak days, playtime is limited to 2 hours and an additional 15 minutes grace period. After which, you can opt for extension at an additional fee.

Q. Is my toddler (3 years and below) restricted to the Toddler Play Space? Can we also play in the Main Play Space?

A. While we recommend the Toddler Play Space for babies and small toddlers, we let parents or guardians decide if their toddler is ready for the Main Play Space. We do advise to supervise closely if your little one likes to chew on things, as the Main Play Space has small toy parts.

Q. How much is the admission fee if I choose to bring my toddler to the Main Play Space?

A. Our admission fees are based on play space access instead of age. It is $22 (off-peak) or $26 (peak) if your toddler is playing in the Main Play Space. This automatically includes access to the Toddler Play Space for your little one aged 3 and below.

Q. My baby is 6 months old. Is there a minimum age to play?

A. Little babies are welcome! Admission is free for babies below 9 months if visiting with an older sibling. If your baby is visiting alone, admission is $12 with 2 accompanying adults free-of-charge. When your baby reaches the chargeable age of 9 months, admission will be $18 for the Toddler Play Space.

Q. We have a 4-year old and a 2-year old. Where can they play?

A. Families with children in different age groups have two options. One is to have both children play in the Main Play Space. Alternatively, you can choose to have your toddler (aged 3 and below) in the Toddler Play Space while your older child plays in the Main Play Space. This is more feasible if there are two accompanying adults to supervise each child separately. Otherwise, the single adult can supervise the toddler in the Toddler Play Space while checking on the older sibling through the Live Video Monitoring screen.

Q. How many adults can accompany a child?

A. Admission per child includes 2 accompanying adults free-of-charge. Extra adults can enter the play space at an additional fee of $6 each. Otherwise, they can rest at our Reception or Beverage Area.

Q. Can we go out for lunch and come back again?

A. Multiple re-entry is allowed only on off-peak days. Remember to hold on to your admission sticker for re-entry. Kindly note that on peak days, playtime expires after 2 hours and 15 minutes from entry.

Q. Can I leave my child alone while I run some errands?

A. We are classified as a recreational area. As such, we do not offer child-minding or drop-off services. Children must be accompanied by an adult while playing in the premises.

Q. Why do you check my child’s hands during registration?

A. In addition to temperature check, we perform visual check on children’s hands and mouth (if possible) to rule out signs of Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease (HFMD). In addition, we ask for parents’ consideration to refrain from visiting if their child has recovered from HFMD recently or they suspect exposure to the virus. If health check is unsatisfactory, we will refuse entry to ensure a safe environment for all guests.

Q. Do adults need to wear socks?

A. Yes, everyone entering the play space needs to wear socks for hygiene reasons. In addition, socks protect the feet from possible injuries if wooden toys are accidentally stepped on. Adults without socks can rest at the Reception or Beverage Area.

Q. I forgot to bring socks. Do you sell them?

A. You can purchase socks at our Reception Area. We have small, medium and large sizes for children. Adult ladies and men’s socks are free size. We encourage everyone to bring socks to avoid additional charges.

Q. Are school holidays considered off-peak or peak?

A. Normal weekdays during school holidays are off-peak days. Effective July 2019, eve of public holidays as well as special school holidays (e.g. Youth Day, Teachers’ Day and Children’s Day) are also considered peak days.

Play Date & Private Events

Q. Can we make a booking if we’re coming as a group?

A. All guests are received on a first come first served basis. We do not accept bookings or reservations. Kindly note that we have a maximum capacity. Please check our real-time Crowd Meter to help you plan your visit.

Q. Do you have special rates if we come as a group?

A. We offered Play Date rates for pre-informed group visits (minimum of 6 children) until August 2018. Due to our limited capacity and growing guest volume, we have discontinued Play Date rates.

Q. I’m interested in having my child’s birthday party at your place but can’t find anything about parties on your website. Are you available for private events?

A. We offered private events bookings until May 2018. Due to strategic reasons, we have discontinued private events, birthday celebrations and cake cutting.


Q. What are the benefits of joining membership?

A. As a Toy Lovers member, you can enjoy unlimited visits for 3 or 6 months. Playtime is unlimited with re-entry even on peak days. Membership fee per child is payable upon joining. There are no more admission fees per visit for the duration of your membership. Before September 2019, we offered a discount-based membership called Toy Fans. Toy Fans membership has been phased out.

Q. Is membership shareable amongst siblings?

A. Siblings will share one membership card, however, membership fee is per child. When signing up, parents will provide the names of children included in the membership. Benefits can be enjoyed by the children whose names appear in our records corresponding to the membership card presented.

Q. Do members still need to register at the Reception Area when visiting?

A. Yes, members go through the same registration process including temperature and visual check. The membership card should be presented to enjoy the benefits. In general, Toy Lovers enjoy faster registration because there are no more admission fees.


Q. Can I feed my child there?

A. Yes, we have baby chairs just outside the Toddler Play Space and at the Beverage Area near the Main Play Space. You can also enjoy home-packed or store-bought food. Kindly note that dining space is limited, especially on weekends.

Q. Can we have food and drinks inside the play space?

A. To keep the play space clean and avoid attracting pests, food and drinks can only be consumed at the Reception or Beverage Area. Plain water bottles and baby milk bottles can be brought inside the play space.

Q. Do you have a diaper changing room?

A. Yes, our Babycare Room is just beside the Reception Area. Kindly note that for sanitary reasons, diaper changing is not allowed inside the play space or at the common areas.

Q. I’m breastfeeding. Do you have a nursing room?

A. We don’t have a dedicated nursing room. However, we have plenty of seating all over the premises where you can breastfeed in peace. If you are not comfortable breastfeeding in public, you can use our Babycare Room.

Q. Do you provide complimentary drinks? I think I saw a coffee machine.

A. We provide drinking water from our hot & cold water dispensers. These can be found inside the Babycare Room and at the Beverage Area. We have a limited selection of beverages for sale at the Beverage Area. This includes coffee capsules for the coffee machine.

Q. Do we need to pay to use the lockers?

A. Our lockers are provided free-of-charge. We have bigger lockers suitable for diaper bags near the Toddler Play Space. At the Main Play Space, compact lockers are available for storing handbags and smaller articles. You can choose to bring your belongings inside the play space if you prefer to keep them close.

Q. I noticed some adult and children’s house slippers at the shoe racks. Can we use them inside if we forgot our socks?

A. House slippers are provided for use outside the play spaces only. Only socks are allowed inside to maintain cleanliness. Our premises are comprised of 2 separate areas. The Reception, Toddler Play Space and Babycare Room are together in one area, while the Main Play Space and Beverage Area are in a separate location nearby. To keep your socks clean, we advise to wear shoes or our house slippers when stepping out.

Q. Do you have WiFi?

A. Please be advised that we do not provide WiFi service. It is a conscious decision not to provide WiFi as it does not support our mission as a company.